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This is a VERY SAD PAGE for us

In memory of

Guenter TrebbowGunenter Trebbow at Club Cruceros

Guenter was killed in hurricane Odile very early Monday morning Septembe 15 2014.  He and his little "Princess" are no more. Princess, his boat, was found in La Paz Bay, Mexico way down near Club Marlin, sunk in 12 ft. Of water.  Mexican Navy divers found and retrieved his body.  An autopsy shows that he died of a heart attack, and did not drown, although that is small comfort.

We met Gunter when we were cruising in the Sea of Cortez. We stayed in La Paz a number of times over about 5 years.

It was during one of our visits that we first recorded one of his wonderful Sunday morning radio stories. Over the weeks, we recorded many stories and I created 3 CDs with 2 stories on each one. On one morning by the Club Cruceros I handed them over to him. I know that he had many copies made and sold them to other cruisers who passed through the area. I see by looking on the internet that he recorded may more stories.

On the back of the CD's I related the storie of his stories.

Six days a week, Monday through Saturday, at 8:00 AM, the cruising sailors in La Paz Mexico take part in a radio net. On Seventh day, the sailors felt a void where this net was. Guenter saw this, and drawing upon a varied and colorful past that took place in many countries around the world, wrote a series of wonderfully entertaining stories using a recipe that often calls for judicious amounts of humor. Now, on Sundays, sitting in his sailing vessel Princess, he reads these stories to the delight of sailors anchored, moored and aboard all of the boats slipped in the La Paz area.

Below is one of the storiess

If his family decides to sell albums I will post a link here

I have posted one of his wonderful stories here.
 This story is,
"Mexican Insurance claim"
and is 19 min long,

Before you listen to the story, PLEASE, put yourself in the proper frame of mind, so you can appreciate his great talent

Picture yourself as a cruiser.
You cast off months ago, and sailed your craft to this foreign port of La Paz.
You have not seen any American TV in quite some time.
You have not heard an American radio station since departing.

You are now moving with the rhythm of the earth, the sea, and the seasons.
Not an alarm clock, or an artificial requirement put on you by the working world. 
Oh sure, there are things to be done, but nothing that can't wait for a time.
It's a Sunday morning and you are JUST waking up.
The VHF radio is on and it's crackle draws you into the waking world.

With that in mind, place your pointer on the below photo, close your eyes, and click.

Guenters Story

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