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One of the joys of cruising, is the opportunity to read! 

No matter how or what you read, it's better at anchor, floating on a sea of possibilities! If you have seen our DVD, we talked about this.

For the past cruising, we have read hundreds of books, mostly paperbacks. Recently we bought our second E-Book reader. Jill bought a Sony PRS-505 some time ago and has been using it long enough to give a good user overview. 
I have just purchased the new Barns and Noble, Nook, and will try to provide a few words about it. 

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Books to enjoy
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E-Book Readers and FREE E-Books for them.

NOTE: In keeping with honesty, if you click on the books, you will be taken to a place you may purchase the book. If you do decide to purchase it from that link, we get a few cents from the sale. It helps the cruising kitty, we wanted to be honest with you.