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Sony PRS-505 Portable Digital e-Reader System (Silver)Sony PRS-505
Jill''s Sony PRS-505

I have been using the Sony Ereader model 505 for almost 2 years now. I like the ability to carry many many books with me at the same time as I generally read several at a time. There are now lots of selections including new releases. I can size the print page and I like that I can turn the page just as I would with a paper book. Things I would like to see improved: As of 2008, cannot download if outside the US. Screen is not back lit. No dictionary. Unlike with a paper book, I cannot share a good read with a friend.

The PROs;
Reads MANY document formats. Has an expansion slot to hold SD card for more books (over 1,000).

The CONs;
Must use a computer program to get book to reader. Purchase/download book to computer, then to reader. No WiFi. Battery life, it does turn a lot of pages, BUT, it does not last a long time, even if the unit is not being used.

Supported book formats

DRM-free Text: BBeB Book (LRF), PDF, TXT, RTF, ePUB.

See all Specs at Wikipedia

Greg's Barnes & Noble Nook

JUST got the Nook (12/8/09) and posted an un-boxing video on YouYube.
To see it, click HERE.

The PROs;
Can purchase/download directly to reader. Can share (limited) E-Books with others. Has an expanson slot to hold Micro SD card for more books (over 1,500). Has WiFi.

The CONs;
Does not read as many document formats. May need a program to convert documents to be readable on the device (see below).
Supported book formats
EPUB and eReader Formats
PDFs load easily
PDFs, MP3s and graphics load to your nook from your computer or micro SD card.
Use JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP files to create personal screensavers.

See the Specifications
for the Nook
Two Eee PCs that can also read booksASUS Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X-BK 10.1-Inch Black Netbook - 8.5 Hour Battery Life
Both Jill and I also have an original 7 inch, Eee PC and I have to add here that they can be used as an E-Book reader. These computers have Windows XP on them. They also have some extra programming that Asus put on them from the start. One of the programs is a control of the screen. It allows us to rotate the screen 90 degrees. So, by using this feature, we can turn the computer on it's side and read it just like a book.

Having said that, Jill does NOT like reading books on it. It's to much like a computer monitor (which it is) and hurts her eyes after a short time.

I am not happy with it as even though it's power usage is VERY SMALL by computer standars, it still uses a lot more than a simple paperback book.

The PROs; is that it also runs other programs, like a backup navigation system. It does E-Mail and surf the WEB. It will play movies with an external CD/DVD drive. Is capable of reading ALL E-Book formats.
Can read ANY AND ALL
types of E-Books with the correct software.

See Specs at Wikipedia

Books are a big part of cruising for a lot of us out here. At almost every port or harbor that cruisers stop in, there is a lending library. Some of these libraries have over 1000 books in them!

The problem is, in a small boat, we can't always carry all the books we would like to. And at times, we just did not feel like reading one of the books we have aboard.

The e-readers SOLVED this problem for us! We now carry well over 2,000 different books aboard our small boat! We never lack for something to read now!

And best of all, we did not have to pay large amounts of $$ to get almost all of this reading material.

Here is a small list of web sites that have many FREE books available for downloading. Granted, not all of the books will appeal to every one, but thats the way with book and boats!

We hope you enjoy........
Project Gutenberg,
One of the biggest FREE BOOKS sites. They have not only free E-books, but also many audio books, some computer read, some human read.

Baen Free Library,
This site has a lot of free e-books also.

This site has a LOT of free books also. It looks
like they come from Project Gutenberg.
But sure worth a look.

Google and Sony brings you access to over a million public domain books for free. You can search, browse, and read over a million public domain books preserved by the world's great libraries. They also have a large selection of books to purchase.

World Public Library
The Library Association Collection shelves more than 750,000+ PDF eBooks in 100+ languages and 125 of the finest eBook and eDocument collections published on the Internet today. 

This site has many FREE E-books, along with a large selection of books to purchase.

Barns and Noble
Most ANY book you might want.

Books At Amazon
Most ANY book you might want.

The below programs aid in the use of E-Books and/or readers.

For ALL E-Reader - Calibre  A MUST HAVE

Calibre is a FREE E-Book management program that is a MUST HAVE! Not only does it allow you to organize all of your books, it allows you to convert them to other formats for other readers, AND allows you to automatically download new sources for your reader, on an automatic basis if wanted.

For the Sony readers - Sony Library Software

For Barns and Noble readers - For iPhone/iPod Touch - For BlackBerry - For PC/Mac

Programs for converting formats.

Not all E-Book readers are capable of showing all of the formats that E-Books may come in. For example, the the Sony reader can read files made on computers in the ".TXT" format, but the Nook does not read this format.

Do you want to creat books for reading on E-Book readers? If so, then ckeck out this site.

ABC Amber ePub Converter
ABC Amber ePub Converter is an advanced utility which converts your ePub files to any format you wish (PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, and many more) easily and quickly. The software supports a batch conversion, a run from a command line, more than 50 languages. Batch conversion ability allows you to convert a unlimited number of ePub files at a time.

eCub offers a convenient way to import text and XHTML files and create all the necessary components of an EPUB file. It makes it easy to view and edit files, and check the generated EPUB, using external tools. It can also generate audio files from your book content using the eSpeak text-to-speech software.


Helpful hint

Look on line for for manuals for equipment you have on board. We have found that many, if not all, manafactures will supply manuals not only in paper with an item, but as a PDF file on line. Simply download or save the manauls to your E-Book reader (most readers will display PDFs. Now you have a spare copy of that manual when (NOT IF) you need it!