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Guenevere's Links of Interest
The following links are to other WEB sites that we have found of interest to us.
We hope you enjoy these sites as much as we do.

Other sites related to the Nor'Sea sailboats
The Nor'Sea "Entr'acte" owned by Ellen and Ed Zacko

The Nor'Sea "Plume" owned by Lorenzo and Cecile Flueckiger

The Nor'Sea "La Belle Aurore"

Nor'Sea Yachts, now building the Montgomery boats

Yahoo Nor'Sea 27 Group; A discussion list is to provide Nor'Sea27 owners and other interested parties a forum for discussing all aspects of ownership, use, and enjoyment of the boat

Other sites related to friends cruising sailboats
Our Country Home
Sites related to music
ANYTHING By Eileen Quinn (If you are cruising, or dreaming about going, GET HER MUSIC!)
Jill and I rarely recommend ANYTHING with no reservations, BUT her music is an exception!!!
Sites related to magazines

Good Old Boat, A great magazine we like a lot.

Sites related to communication
Nor'Sea Newsgroup on Yahoo   (You need to subscribe to use this newsgroup)

Winlink Radio Email

Sailmail Radio email
Sites related to weather
National Bouy Site - Live sea data

Buoy Weather
Sites related to Clubs
Club Cruceros de La Paz

Hidden Port Yach club
Sites related to Discussion Lists and On-Line Groups
SailFar! Forum is a discussion area for anyone who has anything to contribute about boats, cruising plans, the site, and other Small Boat Long Distance (SB/LD) related topics. Fine frendly site.

CSBB (Cruising Sailor Bullitin Board) This is a discussion site about cruising in any type of boat.
SSCA Discussion Board
(Seven Seas Cruising Assoication) A community for cruisers.

The Trailer Sailor Forum  A great community of of sailors of all types that openly discuss all aspects of sailing and life in general.