Us heading out
That's us, heading out!.
George Marcotte took this photo off the coast of Cal. some time back.
Note: George is now (Oct. 2004) in New Zealand, after sailing his Nor'Sea to Hawaii, then on to Oz.
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We are underway!
This page has our "Position Reports" on it. Every so often, we send out an email that we call a "Positon Report" this email states where we are and what we have been doing. The email goes to everyone who is a member of our Yahoo group (See How to track our progress).  Once we get to an Internet Cafe, we put the email on this web page, and add photos to it.

Where we are

Position Reports
Below are copies of our Position Reports. We have taken the reports and added photos that we took along the way.  The reports here are reprinted from our group emailing. If you wish to see our reports as soon as we mail them, go to our tracking page and sign up to our email group at; . We have set it up so you should NOT get any spam from it.
Reports newer
than 2015
We have once more changed the way we are doing our position reports. In order to provide you with a better feeling of what we are doing and where we are  going.
We are doing them using video cameras. We will keep them to short videos.

Select here to see in normal video
Select here to see in 360 degree video
As if you are there with us and can look around!

2015 Reports

We have changed the way we are doing our position reports this year. In order to provide you with a better feeling of what we are doing and where we are  going.
We are doing them using our video camera.

PLEASE let us know if you like it, or not.
Our video recap of our 2015 cruise.
Apx. 15 min long.
This is a link to 13 of our short "as-we-cruised" videos
March to June

2014 Reports

Written reports
with photos

Video Reports
opens in a new window


The passing
of a good friend

Guenter Trebbow

in La Paz, Mexico
hurricane Odile

VERY SAD passing
of a good


B.E.E.R and hit the road June

Casinos and FAST boats May
Sailing in a tea cup April

On the move Feb./March video

2013 Reports

Position Report, 2013-07-31
San Francisco Bay Delta
Position Report, 2013-06-15
San Francisco Bay area & into the Delta
Position Report, 2013-04-28
Afloat and under way

CopperCoat bottom
A new bottom for Guenevere
We will be updating this page as we see how the new
(10 year) bottom coating works

2012 Reports

Position Report, 2012
Work, work, work
This link will take you directly to our YouTube page
where we have posted a number of short videos on the
re-fit we have been doing.

2011 Reports

Position Report, 2011-12-22
Adventures abound.....
Position Report, 2011-10-20
Ashore at this time - post surgery
Position Report, 2011-04-10
Ashore at this time - post surgery

2010 Reports

Position Report, 2010-12-10
Ashore at this time
Position Report, 2010-04-27
Back to the boat in Mazatlan
Haul out & Copper/Epoxy bottom
Mazatlan, Mexico

Our son
Aaron Tierno
has been murdered!

information on what is taking place can be read here.

2008 Reports

Position Report and Family Crisis, September 2008

Position Report, 2008-06-08
La Paz to Mazatlan
Position Report, 2008-04-27
Back in La Paz with sand and the "Blue Man"

2007 Reports

CopperPoxy - 11 year report
A PDF Santa Roselia Cruisers Map
Three year gear report 2007-11-11
2 items updated Jan 08
Position Report, 2007-11-05
La Paz, leaving and loss, and on to BLA
Position Report, 2007-04-01
La Paz Carnaval, haul out, murder and fire
Position Report, 2007-02-24
La Paz, CHICHEN-ITZA, delivery,
and Cape Horn

2006 Reports

Two year gear report 2006-09-16
Position Report, 2006-08-30
La Paz to El Burro Cove and back
Position Report, 2006-05-01
La Paz Circus, Carnival,
& DVD discount code
Position Report, 2006-02-24
La Paz  and
"Libel and Slander, Rocks and Whales"  

2005 Reports

Position Report 2005-10-10
Puerto Escondido (Hurricane) to La Paz and vacation
Position Report 2005-09-30
Ensenada Grande to Puerto Escondido
One year gear report 2005-09-22
Position Report 2005-08-07
La Paz to Ensenada Grande
Position Report 2005-06-02
La Paz (2 boat rescues)

Position Report 2005-04-26
Turtle Bay to La Paz

Position Report 2005-03-11
Ensenada to Turtle Bay

Position Report 2005-01-31
San Diego Ca. to Ensenada Mexico.

2004 Reports

Position Report 2004-12-31
Dana Point Ca. to San Diego Ca.

Position Report 2004-11-30
Santa Barbara Ca. to Dana Point Ca.

Position Report 2004-10-30
Half Moon Bay Ca. to Santa Barbara Ca.
Position Report 2004-09-30
San Francisco Bay to Half Moon Bay Ca.

Our last Position

When we send an E-Mail from Guenevere, our system automatically reports our latest position. If we have sent an email with the last day or so, you can call us up on a map and see where we are! To do this just click on the a link I have placed below...

Position Report