Us heading out
That's us, heading out!.
George Marcotte took this photo off the coast of Cal. some time back.
Note: George is now (Oct. 2004) in New Zealand, after sailing his Nor'Sea to Hawaii, then on to Oz.
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We are underway!
On this page you can read a copy (with photos)
of our "Position Report" 

Where we are now
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Position Report April 27, 2010

Back to the boat, Back to the BOAT!
Mazatlan Mexico

We would like to report that we made it back to Guenevere on March 28. It sure does feel good to be back aboard and floating once more. Sleeping is SO MUCH better when you are gently rocked to sleep with an evening breeze blowing through the hatch and the forward port open over your head so you can see the stars.

The BIG drawback was seeing how bad Guenevere looked after not having us to attend to her for a year. We did have a service watch her and make sure she was safe, and some good friends (that we hope to meet soon) washed her for us, but the teak sure NEEDS us.

We immediately started waking up all systems on Guen. Each system is getting a going over to make sure it's still working, or noting what will be required to fix it.

Greg went up the mast to inspect and change out the LED Spreader lights,
From the mast

We did a rebuild on the winches.
winch rebuild

and a hundred other small things.

Even before we arrived back, we were in contact with Total Yacht Works and arranged for a haul out date. We managed to make sure the engine was up and running in time to make the short trip to the yard. Singlar (the lift management) actually does the haul, then Total Yacht Works takes care of the rest.

We were VERY pleasantly surprised by this haul. The guys at Total Yacht Works are artisans, not just workers!

As some of you might remember, a long time ago we put CopperPoxy on Guen as an anti fouling. It lasted us 10 years. Not bad for a bottom coat as most last only 2 years. When it did stop working we were in La Paz and we could not get that product any longer. We understand that it is now sold only to certified applicators. As we were so happy with it, we went out looking for a suitable replacement. We were in luck! We found an epoxy company in Florida that sold something very similar. So, we now are back to a nice clean shinny bottom, Guen that is, not us... ;-) For more info on this we are posting a separate report. You can read about it (with photos) and our new copper bottom job at:

But here are a couple of photos......
mixing the copper and epoxypainting it onbach to the water....

We found that MOST of the gear is still in good working order. The items that did go bad, looked like we got our money's worth out of them. Life aboard a boat that is moving and anchoring a lot is hard on gear. And the heat down here is brutal.

So far the items that have given up are our small 12 volt shop vac (no big loss), the deck wash down pump (we can get another with no problem) and the worst of the batch is our GPS chart plotter. It makes things so easy. We can go without it, but we have decided to get one shipped in.

One high point for us took place the other night. We were invited (by the owner of a local restaurant) to a fund raiser for a small boy, Nicolas, in town here. He has been diagnosed with MD. He needs a very expensive blood test and his family does not have the cash. Many people gathered for a meal and party (Fiesta) to help out. One of the local music artists in town was selling some of his CDs at the event with all proceeds donated to Nicolas. We had a very good seat, close to the stage and the front of the restaurant . One thing that we noticed was something that I don't think we have EVER seen in the US. Often, a local person walking along the street would stop and ask about the event (it did have live music). When they were told of the problem, inevitably each would reach into their wallet and donate bills into the kitty, without even staying for any of the music or food.. This took place over and over. It was heart warming!

PHOTO Nicolas and party goers........

By the way, we have a new crew member aboard Guenevere. Our Dogette Chica. Here she is during our pre-cruise muster station drill in her PFD.
Chica & the abondon ship drill

And this photo adds new meaning to “dog the hatch”!
Dog the hatch!

As soon as we deem Guen seaworthy, we will head out. The first trip out of here is a two day crossing of the southern part of the Sea of Cortez. We will up date as we go.

Greg & Jill
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