Us heading out
That's us, heading out!.
George Marcotte took this photo off the coast of Cal. some time back.

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We are underway!
This page has our "Position Reports" on it. Every so often, we send out an email that we call a "Positon Report" this email states where we are and what we have been doing. The email goes to everyone who is a member of our Yahoo group (See How to track our progress).  Once we get to an Internet Cafe, we put the email on this web page, and add photos to it.

Where we are


First Application - March 13 2013

This will be an on-going journal of how the product works for us.

We used CopperPoxy many years ago and got great protection from that for 11 years from the San Francisco area, down the west coast and through the Sea of Cortez. We later tried to use copper powder in standard epoxy. That DID NOT work at ALL!

After being on the hard for a long time we needed a new bottom coating and have decided to try the COPPERCOAT. It is also a metallic copper based product that is carried by a water based epoxy. It is advertised to last 10 years.

In early February I contacted a number of yards in the San Francisco area and asked for quotes to apply the Coppercoat. We decided that the quote from the Napa Valley Marina was good and it would be a fun place to be on the hard.

On March 13 2013 they moved our boat into a covered shed to apply the Coppercoat bottom coating. The application process is a bit more stringent than other bottom paints.

Guenevere in the shed

I have to say that we were VERY impressed with the application by Napa Valley Marina! They took their time, contacted the manufacturer for more information on details of the application and were happy to have us around during all of the work. I am stating that the product was very strictly applied according to the directions, in every way.

Please see our application video at; Coppercoat application  

Youtube copper 1

Or copy the below link into your browser

Our contacts;

Napa Valley Marina, -

On March 26, 2013 we splashed the boat.

On April 11, we talked to Jim Edwards at the Strictly Sail boat show in Oakland. I asked what was required if we had our boat hauled out for extended time. I specifically asked about something like a 6 month in the water and 6 months out type of usage. He stated that it would be good to pressure wash the bottom both on haul out, and just before splashing. So that is how we plan to handle it.

First haul out - August 14, 2013

Note, I have not included every email as some do not apply to the coating itself or this problem. I also removed some names. Where I did an “XX” will show up.

On August 14, 2013 we hauled out at the Napa Valley marina. During this haul out, I took video of the process and how well we think the CopperCoat has held up. We know it's not a long term review yet, but wanted to make sure we document all aspects of our use of the product.

The first thing we noticed after we had good access to the pressure washed bottom was, WE HAD BLISTERS! You can view the video we made of this problem at our Youtube page at;

Youtube copper 2

Once we were back to our home base, with Guenevere safe in the storage yard, I contacted Coppercoat. The following is a transcript of our e-mail exchange;

My first Email to Coppercoat;


We talked at the all sail expo in Oakland. I am the owner with the Nor'Sea
27 that had Napa Valley marina apply Coppercoat on March 13 or so. When we
talked, I said I would post reports on the system.

You can see our first report on our web page at;

There is also a link on that page to a YouTube video I did on the
application process.

On August 14 we were hauled out. The pressure wash went very well and all of
the system looked like it worked well, even if it was only a short time in
the water. During this cruise, the boat was in salt water for a few of
months and then in fresh water for a couple of months.

BUT, on inspection I have found many blisters! The boat had a barrier coat
under your system and was out of the water, in the desert from about 2
August, 2010 until March of this year.

On close inspection, I see that the blisters seem to be between layers of
the Coppercoat. I have taken a number of photos as close as I can that I can
send you if you would like to see them.

Do you, or can you supply very small kits? On the order of half pint size?
To repair blisters.

The Reply;

Hello Greg,

Please send me any pictures of the blisters, also can you please provide
me with the paint application schedule from Napa Marine if you know it.

I sent a DVD, photos, and the samples, I received back;

I looked at the video and have talked to XX at Napa Valley Marine. He remembers that they sent out for isopropyl alcohol for thinning. He is going to talk to his painter today to learn more about how they thinned the coating.

In looking at the pictures and examining the chips you sent it appears that the issue was between coats of the Coppercoat. That means that something was trapped between the coats of Coppercoat. I want to talk to the painter to see how and when they thinned the Coppercoat. This is where we are going to find the cause of the blisters.

As long as the bubbles are between the coats of Coppercoat it isn’t a very big issue. It is more a cosmetic thing than a major issue. I would use the boat for a while and see if any more blisters appear. Don’t pop any more blisters at this time.

In the future I will send out a kit of Coppercoat to either Napa Valley or yourself and walk them through a fix for the problem. I am very glad it isn’t blisters between the barrier coat and the Coppercoat.

As soon as I talk to XX again I will let you know what he said.

I explained that we are no longer in the Bay area and he offered to send the kit directly to me. I asked for a delay in sending the kit as it's the monsoon season here and I was unsure of the shelf life of the kit.

The reply;

The Coppercoat only comes in one size kit, however it is very easily mixed in small batches.

Please send me a shipping address and I will send you a kit.

If there is Coppercoat under the blisters it shouldn’t need 4 full coats. It might only need 2 or maybe 3 coats to fill in the areas.

I am still waiting to hear from the painter at Napa Valley. I think that what probably happened was that they may have mixed in alcohol in the roller trays after mixing the 3 parts together. That makes it difficult to properly mix in the alcohol and I suspect that some was on the surface and another coat was rolled over that and that is what caused the blisters, it is either that or small drips of water.

I will let you know what I hear from them as soon as I can.

So, That is where we stand at this point.

Jill and I are discussing our plans for our next adventures afloat. With the truck and trailer proven, we are open to most options across the country for a splash. We are sure it will be salt water, but beyond that, our options are open.