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One of the joys of cruising, is the opportunity to read! No matter how or what you read, it's better at anchor, floating on a sea of possibilities! If you have seen our DVD, we talked about this.

On this page you will find many books that we, Jill and I, have read and enjoyed. We will also write a few words in a sort of review of what we thought about the book. Some books only Jill read and will talk about, Some only I read. Some, we both read. In some cases we will even recommend a writer as one we like because we tend to read and enjoy their books.

We will ONLY recommend books that we have read and enjoyed!

For the past cruising, we have read hundreds of books, mostly paperbacks. Recently we bought 2 E-Book readers. Jill bought the Sony PRS-505 some time ago and has been using it long enough to give a good user overview. I have just purchased the new Barns and Noble, Nook, and will try to provide a few words about it.

Easy to find booksOld/hard to find booksInformation on our E-Readers
and FREE E-Books.


NOTE: In keeping with honesty, if you click on the book photo, you will be taken to a place you may purchase the book. If you do decide to purchase it from that link, we get a few cents from the sale. It helps the cruising kitty, we wanted to be honest with you.

Aztec book
Reviewed by Greg
Aztec, by Gary Jennings
During our cruising in Mexico, this is one of the BEST book I have read! It was a bit hard to get started at first, but as I got into it, it captured me totally. It also answered a lot of question I had about the past in Mexico.

The main character in this book became my best friend for the time I was reading it. I was sad when I had finished it. Gary Jennings did a superb job. It is also one of the few books that I have read that has multiple endings. If you read the full book, you see all of the endings, if you skip through it, or only read parts, you miss some of the ending!
A MUST read.

Aztec Blood
Aztec Blood is a follow on book.
Aztec Autumn
Aztec Autumn is a follow on also.
Aztec Rage
Aztec Rage is the next in the series.
All Books by Gary Jennings OK, So once I have read 3 books by the same author and liked each one, I tend to think I will like the rest. So, any book by Gary is OK by me.
1421 By Gavin Menzies
Reviewed by Jill and Greg
This is one VERY interesting books.
Greg's view;
It's more like fact than fiction. Mr. Menzies sure does bring all his finding together to provide what make a very sound case that a GREAT fleet/fleets from China discovered not only the Americas, but the whole world! A VERY good read and wonderful for sailors to have fine discussions about.

Spartin Gold
Spartan Gold (Fargo Adventure Series #1) by Clive Cussler, Grant Blackwood
Valhalla Rising
Valhalla Rising (A Dirk Pitt Adventure) by Clive Cussler
Trojan Odyssey
Trojan Odyssey by Clive Cussler
All Books by Clive Cussler OK, So once I have read 3 books by the same author and liked each one, I tend to think I will like the rest. So, any book by Clive Cussler is OK by me. I do like the Dirk Pit adventures more than the others.
Eye of the Whale: Epic Passage From Baja To Siberia 

We read this book on our way down the outside of the Baja. It was very very enlightening! We didn't know how much we did NOT know until we read it. The history alone was worth the read.
It's the story of how the whales were hunted and reveals how the politics of today may make matters even worse!
Our later trip to do whale watching made it even more soul touching!

You want to see our video short on Whale Watching (in the major area talked about in the book by clicking HERE.

King of the Moon: A Novel of Baja California

This is a wonderful book that centers around a fishing village on the Baja. Once you read it, and if you anchor in Agua Verde, you will KNOW the inspiration of the book! You can't miss it!

    More to come


The Venturesome Voyages of Captain Voss

The Venturesome Voyages Of Captain Voss [IMPORT] (Paperback) ~ Captain J.C. VOSS (Author)
This book was way out of print. We managed to get an old hard copy. But today (11/20/09) I see that you can get a new copy!
This book could be listed in the reference section also!
This is a very good book about a great adventure by Voss. He took a modified dug-out canoe across the South Pacific! After reading this book, you get the feeling you could also! This was talked about by Larry Pardey as one of the reference books he used.

Stars to Windward.
Stars to windward (Hardcover) by Bruce and Sharedin Fahnestock
We found this book when we were doing some Gennelogy research into Greg's family. We managed to get a signed (by both brothers) copy. It's a VERY good book . It follows the true adventures of the two who departed the East coast and into the South Pacific. The voyage took place before and at the start of  World War II. One fun event for us was reading about their visit to the Galapagaos Islands, then later reading a couple of other old books by people who visited there and talked about meeting the Fahnestocks!
I ran away to sea at fifty (Hardcover) by Mary Sheridan Fahnestock
After reading Stars to windward (above) this was a real treat
to read. It is about Bruce and Sharedins's mother and in a few places tells the same event, but from her (a mothers) point of view. What a GREAT way to learn about ones familys past.

The voyage of Kristina
Voyage of Kristina
As you know, we have a Nor'Sea 27, so this book was of great interest to us. It tells the story of a family of 5, the father, mother, 2 daughters, and MOTHER-IN-LAW. All cruising 15,000 miles aboard a Nor'Sea 27. they travel the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific. This is a very well written book about

Voyage to Galapagos
VOYAGE TO GALAPAGOS by William A. Robinson

Blue Water Vagabond: Six Years' Adventure At Sea
BLUE WATER VAGABOND by Dennis Puleston

Hurricane's wake: Around the world in a ketch
Hurricane's Wake by Ray Kauffman

Captain Cook
CAPTAIN COOK by Alistair MacLean