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One of the joys of cruising, is the opportunity to read! No matter how or what you read, it's better at anchor, floating on a sea of possibilities! If you have seen our DVD, we talked about this.

On this page you will find many books that we, Jill and I, carry aboard for reference. We will also write a few words in a sort of review of what we thought about the book. In some cases we will even recommend a writer as as one we like because we tend to read and enjoy all the books by an author.

We will ONLY recommend books that we carry aboard, use, and/or enjoy!

Recently we bought 2 E-Book readers. Jill bought the Sony PRS-505 about a year ago and has been using it long enough to give a good user overview. I have just purchased the new Barns and Noble, Nook, and will try to provide a few words about it. 

Please click here to see information on our E-Readers.

NOTE: In keeping with honesty, if you click on the book photo, you will be taken to a place you may purchase the book. If you do decide to purchase it from that link, we get a few cents from the sale. It helps the cruising kitty, we wanted to be honest with you.

Reviewed by Jill and Greg
The Two Burner Gourmet:
The Cookbook for Cooking Far from Home

Food, Food food
A MUST read.

Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition - 2006

Where There Is No Doctor

by Murray Dickson, Michael Blake (Editor) , Joan Thompson (Illustrator) , June Mehra (Illustrator) , Michael Marzolla (Illustrator)


We have to say that as long as we have had this book on board, we have not had to use it. We hope to keep it that way, but we still think it's worth keeping handy.

Dutton's Nautical Navigation

by Benjamin Dutton, Thomas J. Cutler (Revised by)

Harbor and Marina guide

The Northern & Southern California boater's guide to harbors & marinas

If you are going to be cruising in the San Francisco Bay area, this is a MUST have book. I know the cost of it seemes high, but it is well worth it!

On more than one occasion it proved VERY valuable when we were entering a new to us marina and the voice on the VHF said something like, “Oh ya, it's slip 234 on F dock”, and we had no idea of the layout!


Chapman Piloting & Seamanship

66th Edition by Charles B. Husick

World Cruising Routes

by Jimmy Cornell

If you are planning on crossing oceans, or just dreaming of when to go, GET this book.

Storm Tactics Handbook
By Lin and Larry Pardey

We feel this is a MUST have aboard ANY boat!

All books by Lynn and LarryANY book by Lynn and Larry

1,000 Places to See Before You Die

by Patricia Schultz

We LOVE having this one aboard! After you read through it, you realize how short a tile we have remaining here on earth! SO MUCH TO SEE!

The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing

We found this to be a very handy book to have aboard. We departed without it and did not do very well fishing. We picked up our copy dureing the 3ed year and our fishing picked up quite a bit.

The Complete Canvasworker's Guide

Every place e went as we cruised, canvis workers were in demand. Take this book and some supplies and you are set. Who knows, you might even be able to ass a bit to the cruising kitty!