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Nor'sea, Aft Cabin model, Cockpit Table

** Click on photo for a larger view **
Required items
Table in place
6" X 1" X 10.5' Teak Board

6" X 1" X 2'2" Teak Board

1" X 2" X 4' Teak Board

6 Each Brass Sewing machine hinges

1 Each Brass hinge (small)
for table leg. Home Depot Skew # 33923 01394 by Stanley. About $1.97

1 Each Teak cup rack
The one I got was from Boat US. Model #62632 Item #173202-10. About $25.00

1 Set two part hinge (Use exact same as on aft cabin doors)
Mine are Boat US item #124085-10 at about $10.00 each. If you have aft jam boards, you can use just about any hinge so long as it will come apart.


1. Cut the 1" X 6" X 10.5' Teak board  into four sections, two sections about 33 inches long each (this will be the length of the table) and two sections about 29.5 inches long. The shorter boards will be the folding parts.

2. Using woden dowls, edge glue the two longer boards together to make the main section of the table about 33 inches long and 12 inches wide. Sand or grind & sand the boards to so the ends are smooth.

3. Sand or grind & sand the other two shorter boards boards to the same length as each other.

4. Sand all surfaces smooth. Round the forward facing edges of the two boards that will be the floading leaves.

5. Mount one part of hinge to 1" X 6" X 3' board using a wood wedge to off set it the proper amount. Match with of aft cabin doors hinge half. If mounting to a jam board, mount the hinges so they match up.

6. Mount the cup rack to the other side of the 1" X 6" X 3' board.

7. Mesure down from the bottom of the cup holder the distance of the thickness of the 1" board (plus just a bit) and fasten a section of the 1" X 2" board about 11" long. This will make a slot that the end of the table will mount in to hold up one end.

8. Set the boads on a smooth surface as they would look when assembled.

9. Sand all edges of the boards smooth.

10. Using a small wood chesal carve out the notches for the sewing machine hinges. Be very careful to not remove to much wood (you can't put it back!) Now, install the sewing machine hinges and make sure all parts fit well. Then, remove the hinges.

11. Supporting the forward end of the main table, inset the aft end in the slot below the cup holder.

12. Measure the length for the table leg and decide on the location to attach it to the table. Mine is just off center and drops straight down into a slot in the teak cockpit grate. Mine is about 27 inches long.

13. Attach table leg hinge and insure table is level, then remove hinge and leg.

14. Sand ALL wood parts smooth and varnish as required.

15. Reassemble all parts and ENJOY!