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The voyage has been made. The sails have been furled. The anchor is set. Now is the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy one of the simple pleasures of voyaging in a small boat. Now is the time to enjoy the quiet anchorage. 

At times you are alone, at other times, other boats are in the anchorage, some times a fishing village is close by, just on shore, and some times, a short hike let’s you just admire the view of the anchorage from a hillside. 

The views and sounds in this video are the natural sights and sounds ONLY! If the boat moves, the picture moves (you may need Dramamine). This is as real as it can get without making the voyage yourself. This video is NOT a thrilling view of rail-in-the-water sailing. It does NOT show wiled fast moving sailing boats. It does NOT have a wonderful music track. It has no narration interrupting the background sounds. Nothing artificial has been added, it’s all natural! If you listen, you can even hear fish jump near the boat. 

Watch the sun rise over the Sea of Cortez from the small bay at Los Gatos on the Baja. Spend an afternoon in Agua Verde. Experience the fishing village at San Evaristo. Then spend an afternoon in Ensenada Grande, and Caleta Lobos. Finally, watch the sunset from the quiet anchorage of Santo Domingo, Bahia Conception, Baja Mexico.

This video is similar in concept to the virtual fireplace, or virtual aquarium.
It is best viewed as daydream material,
or at a quiet gathering as the background,
for discussing those past or future distant destinations.

Guenevere's Quiet Anchorages
This video,
Guenevere's At Anchor
lets you share extended quiet time with us in the Southern Sea of Cortez
nautical miles: 2198 to 2670

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in high definition

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For instant viewing, digital download
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During our travels we have been taking a LOT of photos and videos. We were looking for a way to share some of the unbelievably wonderful and beautiful sights and scenery with some of our family and close friends. One day we met a gentleman in La Paz who had made a cruising video some years back and he suggested we look into doing one ourselves. So now, these videos are not only for our immediate family, we are now able to share them with you.

We are NOT expert cruisers and these are not "how to" cruising videos. They only show how and where we have chosen to cruise.

We are proud to say that these videos were taken on board Guenevere our Nor'Sea 27, or by the two of us during some of the shore excursions, during the travels in the video. We used a home digital video camcorder and a digital still camera. The images were then transferred to our on-board laptop computer where they were edited, and the final master DVD was produced.

We hope you enjoy watching this video and find it enjoyable. If you do, please let us know by email, we would like to hear your thoughts.

These DVD programs were financed by us with no sponsorship or outside funding. It should not be copied, shown for gain or reproduced electronically without permission.

Please help us regain our cruising kitty by encouraging your friends to purchase their own copy.

Greg and Jill Delezynski

As we heard some time ago: The boat is our “bedroom”, the world has become our living room!